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Sail & Photo

Yay! I’ll be working  for Join the Crew on a “Sail & Photo” trip in Greece next year! If you want to learn more about photography and if you like sailing and travelling this might be interesting for you! Check out the details here: Sail & Photo  


Some of my photographs of Rolf Buchholz were used for “Rhizom”, the Design Magazine of the University Münster. Thanks to the author Andrea Jokic for this nice article!  

Saal Digital Review

I just received a new portfolio book with my latest work in sports, outdoor and lifestyle photography. The company “Saal Digital” offered a discount for photographers who want to test their service. And they did a great job. The quality of the prints is excellent, the software easy to use and the pages can be personalized if one doesn’t want to use the pre-built layouts. The only negative aspect was a small bump on the cover which may be caused by the postman. Other than that I am very happy with the book and I will definitely order there again! […]

Veko 2015!

I am going to be back in Voss for the Ekstremsportveko 2015! I’m so much looking forward to meeting my friends from last year! Some of them even started paragliding in the meantime and I am sure we will have some nice flights together! Besides that I hope to expand my portfolio with some base jumping shots.:) If you can manage to take some days off  in june you should not miss Veko! Just 50 days to go!!!